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Draught proofing in a sash window
Servicing & Draught Proofing

A full service of the top and bottom sashes. Ensuring all running sections are clear of any paint build up, pulley wheels are checked and serviced, new sash cords and replacement beading incorporating draught proofing brushes are installed. 

Realignment of the meeting rail to ensure all locks work.

Window sill and rame replacement using epoxy resin

A complete renewal of the window sill, side linings and front linings using hardwood and epoxy resin. A frame sealant is used to seal the new timber to the existing stone or brick work. All new timbers are supplied from a sustainable source.

Double glazed sash windows
Replacement & Double-glazed Sashes

If your existing windows are beyond repair or you wish to upgrade the thermal and acoustic performance of your windows then this is the option for you. We replicate existing profiles to ensure a like for like appearance but with high performance glazing.

Replacing rotten frames in sash window
Rotten Timber Repair

Rotten timber is cut back to sound, dry timber which is treated with a liquid resin. A two-part epoxy resin and treated timber sections are used to rebuild the effected area. The repair is sanded and shaped to form a seamless joint which is left primed

Repairs and painting service for wooden doors
Painting Services

While your sashes are out of their frames for servicing or repair work, this is the perfect opportunity to refresh the paint finish. Doing away with the need for scaffolding, the sashes are worked on within the room ensuring a high quality finish.

Bespoke carpentry services are also available at My Sash Windows in Shropshire
Bespoke Carpentry

Alongside all our window repair and replacement services, we also can undertake bespoke carpentry such as custom-fitted cupboards, built-in wardrobes, and shelving, hanging doors, building kitchen islands and smaller repair jobs around the home.

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